October 2013   Prof. Alexander-Katz awarded a School of Engineering chair!
Prof. Alexander-Katz has been appointed as the Walter Henry Gale (1929) Career Development Professor by the School of Engineeering!

August 2013   Reid's work featured in MIT News!
Reid's paper - 'Effect of particle diameter and surface composition on the spontaneous fusion of monolayer-protected gold nanoparticles with lipid bilayers'. published in Nano Letters - was the subject of a MIT News piece! The full article is available at this link:

June 2013   YJ defends his thesis!
Following on Hsieh's footsteps, YJ has defended his thesis and received his Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering! Congrats YJ!

May 2013   Hsieh defends his thesis!
Hsieh Chen has successfully defended his thesis and received a Ph.D in Materials Science and Engineering! Congratulations Hsieh!

January 2013   Hsieh's work featured on MIT home page!
Hsieh's latest paper - 'Blood-clotting-inspired reversible polymer-colloid composite assembly in flow'. published in Nature Communications - was featured on the MIT home page in a news story on the work! Follow the link above for an excellent write up and a video of Prof. Alexander-Katz explaining the important findings. Nature Communications also wrote a press release on the paper, available at this link:

November 2012   Reid wins MRS Poster Prize
The group is proud to congratulate Reid on winning a Poster Prize at the latest MRS Fall Meeting for this poster 'Size-dependent aggregation of monolayer-protected gold nanoparticles'. Congratulations Reid!

October 2012   The group welcomes new post-doc David Tempel!
The group is please to announce that Dr. David Tempel has joined the group! David is an expert on time-dependent density functional theory, and will bring his expertise in quantum systems to a new study of block copolymers. He joins us after completing his doctoral work at Harvard University. Welcome David!

September 2012   The group welcomes new post-doc Jiaqi Lin!
The group is happy to welcome Dr. Jiaqi Li to the group. Jiaqi brings expertise on atomistic and coarse-grained modeling, specifically of interactions between monolayer-protected nanoparticles and lipid bilayers. He joins us from Dalian University in Dalian, China. Welcome Jiaqi!

September 2012   Two new graduate students join
The group is happy to welcome Yi Ding and Josh Steimel as new members! Yi received his B.S. in French Literature and M.S. in chemistry from Peking University, while Josh received a B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering from MIT, also completing a thesis with the group. Both students will be entering the doctoral program in DMSE. Welcome Yi and Josh!

August 2012   Charles graduates!
Charles successfully defended his thesis and is now the first member of the group to receive his Ph.D! Charles will be joining the Olvera de la Cruz group at Northwestern to continue his post-doctoral studies. Congratulations and best of luck to Charles!

April 2012   The group welcomes new post-doc Roozbeh Dargazany!
The group is happy to welcome Roozbeh Dargazany to the group. Roozbeh is an expert on mechanical properties and received his Ph.D from RWTH Aachen University in Aachen, Germany. Welcome Roozbeh!

December 2011   Charles wins Silver Award from Materials Research Society!
Charles was awarded with a Silver graduate student award at the MRS Fall 2011 meeting. Congratulations Charles!

February 2011   Prof. Alexander-Katz wins NSF CAREER award!

June 2010   YJ wins Best Paper Award!
YongJoo has won the Best Paper Award for Second or First Year Student, awarded by the DMSE. Congratulations YJ!

May 2010   Review paper out
The group has recently had a review paper with contributions from Reid, Charles, Hsieh, and Prof. Alexander-Katz. The paper describes how a combination of chemical and physical factors can be used in targeted drug delivery.

April 2010   New Nature Nanotechnology paper
A new paper in Nature Nanotechnology co-authored by Professor Alexander-Katz is now available online. The paper details a new method for templating self-assembly of nanoscale patterns for computer chips.

April 2010   Reid awarded NSF Fellowship
Reid has been awarded a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. Congratulations Reid!

March 2010   Charles wins Best Poster at March APS meeting
Congratulations to Charles for winning the Best Poster award for the APS Division of Chemical Physics poster session at the March APS meeting in Portland Oregon!

February 2010   Charles publishes in Macromolecules
A new paper published by Charles and Prof. Alexander-Katz is now available online. The paper discuess the behavior of collapsed polymers unfolding under shear flow conditions.

Februrary 2010   New UROPs join the group!
The group welcomes Stephanie Moran '12 and Arfa Aijazi '13 to the group! Both will be supervised by Charles. Welcome Stephanie and Arfa!

December 2009   'Micro-ants' research featured on MIT homepage
The MIT hompage features the research ofCharles and Professor Alexander-Katz. A profile of their work on 'micro-ants' as a novel method to control fluid flows appears as the daily spotlight in the MIT news. Several other news sources have reported this work: some links are listed below.
Link 1
Link 2
Link 3

September 2009   Eric Arndt wins Anne M. Mayes Fellowship
Eric Arndt has received the Anne M. Mayes Fellowship from MIT - congratulations Eric!

August 2009   Claudio gives talk at Harvard
Claudio gave a presentation and helped out with a workshop on CUDA hosted by Harvard University.

June 2009   Chris joins as UROP
Chris Brathwaite has joined the group as UROP. Welcome Chris!

June 2009   Eric Arndt joins group
Eric Arndt has joined the group as a 1st year graduate student. Welcome Eric!

May 2009   Reid recieves MIT Presidential Fellowship, stays with group
Congratulations to Reid for winning the Robert M. Rose Presidential Fellowship from MIT! Reid has also elected to stay with the group to pursue a Ph.D.

April 2009   Professor Alexander-Katz gives PPST seminar
Professor Alexander-Katz gave an open talk entitled Dynamics of Polymeric Globules in Flow and the Problem of Blood-Clotting, sponsored by the MIT Program in Polmyer Science and Technology.

April 2009   Charles receives NDSEG Fellowship
Congratulations to Charles for winning a prestigious National Defense Science and Engineering Fellowship!

April 2009   Prof. Alexander-Katz receives DuPont Fellowship
Professor Alexander-Katz receives a DuPont fellowship for the 2010 year.

April 2009   Prof. Alexander-Katz gets MITEI Seed Fund
Professor Alexander-Katz receives funding from the MIT Energy Initiative Seed Fund program to research Bacteriochlorophylls.

March 2009   Welcome visitor Carstel Baldauf
Carten Baldauf joins us as a visiting postdoctoral fellow from the Max-Planck institute in Shangai.

February 2009   Claudio wins CUDA contest
Congratulations to Claudio for winning a MIT-Harvard contest in CUDA programming! He gets a nice prize of 2 high-end nVidia cards. See his project under Lipid Bilayers Simulation at the above link. Congrats Claudio!

January 2009   2 more group members
The group welcomes Hsieh Chen, who joins as a first year graduate student, and Claudio Andreoni, who joins as a UROP specializing in developing CUDA code. Additionally, Professor Alexander-Katz gave an invited talk in Beijing.

November 2008   Welcome visiting Professor Matthias Schneider
The group welcomes Prof. Matthias Schneider as a visiting professor from the University of Augusburg. He will stay with us for the summer.

October 2008   Welcome Reid for thesis
The group welcomes Reid Van Lehn to perform research for his Bachelor's thesis. Welcome Reid!

September 2008   First 2 grad students
The group welcomes 2 graduate students: YongJoo Kim and Charles Sing. Congratulations to YongJoo for obtaining a NSK Fellowship, and to Charles for getting a DuPont Fellowship!

August 2008   Group begins activities!
The group begins its work as part of the MIT Department of Materials Science and Engineering!

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