Our mission and vision

Our research concentrates on the dynamics and self-assembly of soft material systems. The group uses a combination of theory, computer simulations, and experimental studies. Depending on the spatio-temporal scales of interest, a variety of simulation techniques are utilized, including self-consistent field theoretic simulations, dissipative particle dynamics, molecular dynamics, and Monte Carlo methods. The group’s theoretical studies are supplemented by experiments performed in-house or through collaborations.

Latest News

Prof. Alexander-Katz received the Frank E. Perkins Award

13 May 2019

Professor Alfredo Alexander-Katz received the Frank E. Perkins Award for Excellence in Graduate Advising from MIT's Graduate Student Council. Congratulations Alfredo!

Shayna and Emi are selected as MIT Graduate Women of Excellence

29 Apr 2019

Shayna and Emi have been selected as MIT women of Excellence based on their leadership and service contributions at the Institute, their dedication to mentoring, and their drive to make changes to improve the student experience. Congratulations!

Karim's thesis defense

19 Nov 2018

Karim defended his thesis “Block Copolymers Self Assembly – A Computational Approach Towards Novel Morphologies” and received his Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering. Cogratulations Dr. Gadelrab!